Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh, good grief.

Just a quick post. I'm working on an essay for The Spearhead but this one is a bit harder work than I anticipated, so it'll take a few more days.

I just stopped by because I was rolling my eyes and needed someone to roll them at.

I can't link the blog in question, because the blogger and I have mutual acquaintances. She had several interesting posts, though I got impatient when she claimed that science fiction presents a future where men and women are always utterly different bla bla, which of course is the opposite of the truth if you're talking about anything published in the last 15 years or maybe longer. Those novels always have women engineers and space soldiers and everything and we're supposed to believe that an advanced technological civilization can survive with men being deprived of fatherhood and expected to "compete" with women, and that women will continue to allow feminism to deprive them of everything that might actually make them happy, and that women will basically morph into men with tits, suddenly good at all the things they are currently mostly pretty bad at.

But what I need to vent about was her post about shampoo. Yes, shampoo. She has this one post about how she was in a good mood until she went to the drugstore and saw how sexist the packaging for shampoo is. You know, all the women's shampoos were in pastel colors and had swirly things and the men's were in red and black and had sharp angles on the labels. And oh the oppression of it just overwhelmed her! How can we ever be free when those monstrous companies put our shampoo in pink bottles? Teh horror!

I dunno, I just can't feel it. Yeah, my shampoo is in this cream colored bottle with swirly things on it, but I can't say I feel particularly oppressed. I used to use Brut shampoo, years ago, because I liked the scent, so I guess I broke free of all that patriarchal packaging or something. Before writing this I glanced over the various products I use, and she's full of it. A lot of them have gender-neutral packaging - deodorant, for example. I mean, there's Secret and Axe, but a lot of them aren't marketed to any particular gender, they're just there. How about Sure? It's for everyone, even the Statue of Liberty! 

As a tangent: that statue should've been a dude. It's men who make liberty possible by defending it. But that was long before feminism and it was traditional for symbolic statues to be female; the British have Lady Justice.

Now, this is partly because a middle-aged single woman is more interested in health than in being attractive. My shampoo is scientifically proven to be awesome. My soap is also gender-neutral, and I picked it because it doesn't have added perfume or anything, as I'm allergic to some perfumes. And so on. 

But nothing's stopping her from buying the same gender-neutral products which she apparently didn't even see in her drugstore, even though I've never seen a store that lacked them, or from buying the guys' stuff. And she's claiming that her good mood was ruined by seeing a few pink bottles? Lady, your problem isn't male chauvinism, it's a Prozac deficiency.

Actually, her syndrome is not unique. Liberals, in order to get into power, have trained people to see oppression everywhere. We MRA's are constantly bombarded with bullshit about how women are equal to men, but liberals manage not to notice this and instead will find, even in the most misandrist message, some little thing they can interpret as sexist. The same with race; the fight against racism has long since dispensed with demanding that everyone be judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin and instead has become basically reverse racism, with white people always presented as evil and greedy and so on with black people always being warm-hearted, wholesome, honest, etc. But even though TV shows and movies present most criminals as white even though that's not how it is in reality and constantly gives us black or Latino people in brainy professions which are currently dominated by whites and Asians - there's even a burglar alarm commercial which shows a white burglar trying to break into a black family's home - still nonwhites who feel like being sensitive can always find racism somewhere in the most anti-white propaganda bullshit. Example: the movie Avatar, which was about how white people are so greedy and sadistic that they'll kill lots of sentient beings just to make a profit. (This is of course what liberals literally believe.) The only way to atone for being white is to get yourself up in blueface and betray your own race for nonwhite critters voiced by nonwhite actors. This is completely unambiguous anti-white progaganda, yet the reaction I saw from numerous nonwhite bloggers was how racist it was that the blue kittycats needed a white guy to lead them.

My point being, liberals can find imaginary oppression anywhere. There is literally nothing you white men can do which they will not find a way to interpret as racist and sexist. There is no way you can win this game.

Which is a mistake on their part, because when enough white men wake up to this fact and stop playing the game, the result is going to be massively unpleasant for everyone.

Anyway, back to this airheaded blogger. She insisted that if any girls' shampoo was sold in a black bottle with angular designs, all the women would buy it.

This, I submit, is bullshit. Corporations will do anything that will make them money - that is, anything short of killing sentient blue kittycats. If people would buy shampoo with photographs of excrement on the label, that would be in the stores by tomorrow. If women would buy shampoos or other products that were designed to look like men's products, such packaging would already be in the store. If women are sold stuff in pastel bottles, it's because they buy stuff in pastel bottles.


  1. what about the black racism? I became aware of that while surfing on the net, and then found this: http://www.womenofcolourmediagroup.com/

    interesting points of view!

  2. "How can we ever be free when those monstrous companies put our shampoo in pink bottles? Teh horror!"

    Thou are funny. Are you sure you're a woman ? ;)
    But I must say it's interesting that most of the women in MRA have a lot of stereotypically masculine charisteristics, are tomboys, genderqueer, etc...
    Thanks for doing this.

  3. You are an idiot. Anyone with sense knows that corporations would happily kill off as many sentient blue kittycats as they could if those scum sucking bastards thought they could make a profit off it.

    Other than that, great article!

  4. Why bother to write about it when and eyeroll would probably suffice? I stopped buying into overly corporate brands and buck the system by buying from tiny organic companies.